At Inspire Therapy we provide a range of training courses. These are delivered by our experienced Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and ABA therapists.

We provide training covering a wide range of topics related to supporting communication, behaviour, fine and gross motor skills and sensory integration. 

Training courses are provided online through our teaching platform and in person at our clinic in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Testimonial for 'Sleep Training at Home' Workshop

I found the 'sleep training' workshop quite informative and acting as a strong practical knowledge foundation to the behavioural Psychology I have been introduced to during my undergraduate study. I enjoyed the narration, interaction and clarity of the diagrams really allowing for deeper understanding. Though I am a student I have learnt a great deal about working with children which will surely benefit me further on in life!


Testimonial for 'Registered Behavior Technician' Training

I've been a part of Inspire therapy since 2018 and I've had nothing but positive and growing experiences. The RBT training sessions have been a space to not only learn but to clear any practical questions. We get to share our first-hand experiences with our clients, ways to better our communication with everyone we directly associate with on a daily basis! It's been a positive experience on the whole!


Testimonial for 'Registered Behavior Technician' Training

I found the RBT training helpful which indeed increased my insights in understanding child psychology. Even if it was online, the timings were flexible, the sessions were effective in its own way and did not compromise.


Testimonial for 'Pre-handwriting and Handwriting' Webinar

I thought the webinar was very comprehensive and covered a lot of concerns parents might have in terms of their children being on the right path with handwriting. Rachel offered plenty of suggestions in

addressing issues that may arise from a pre-writing age into older age groups and went through each of the steps rigorously with plenty of examples. Well worth attending. Many thanks.

Testimonial for 'Pre-handwriting and Handwriting' Webinar

The webinar was full of useful information for teachers and parents. It shared the fundamental skills that young children need to achieve before they begin to hold a pencil and write successfully. It was presented well, using everyday, non-technical language that everyone could understand. Thank you.


Testimonial for 'Pre-handwriting and Handwriting' Webinar

The webinar facilitated by Rachel Cotter has been very informative and interesting for me as an academic and a parent. I was able to acquire a great wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas during that short period of time. I'm so impressed with the techniques she suggested to improve handwriting skills in the early years. This knowledge will definitely help me not only at school even as a mother